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Zuggy the Pug - Six Tales



This delightful collection of short story poems features SIX classic (and fully illustrated) adventures starring that often mischievous and always adorable, Zuggy the Pug.  

Perfect for kids of all ages, Pug fans, dog lovers, and those who enjoy rhyming poetry.  

It's reading made fun for the whole family!

Zuggy the Rescue Pug - Bellyache Blues


In this short story poem, Zuggy the Pug wants his best pal, Poppy, to feel better.  But no matter what he tries, nothing seems to help.  When she becomes sick yet again, Zuggy rallies her pack of friends to be by her side.  They try their dog-gone best, but run into one problem after another.  How will they get to Poppy - and will she be alright? 

Zuggy the Rescue Pug - Baby's First Friend


Zuggy the Rescue Pug is Baby's first friend.  But will he be her fur-ever friend?  Zuggy is loyal and loving and quick with a toy.  But when Baby suddenly and explainably become frighted of him, Zuggy tries every trick he know (and even learns some new ones!) to win her back.  When it seems that all hope is lost, only Mom may know th real trick to Zuggy's last chance.  Will her idea work?   

Zuggy the Rescue Pug - Four on the Floor


Zuggy the Pug doesn't understand that being a "rescue" means that he has been "rescued" - or adopted - from an animal shelter.  Instead, he thinks it means that he is a Canine Super Hero!  Zuggy believes that he can rescues others from their troubles.  And although he doesn't wear a cape, that's just what he attempts to do in this cute collection of four easy-reader rhymers.  It's reading made fun for the whole family!