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Author, speaker, dog fanAuthor, speaker, dog fan

Blessed to be Me - A Guided Journal

Ready for an exciting and empowering journey?

 "Blessed to be Me” is for people who have lived enough to know they have some kick-ass stories to tell! You appreciate what an extraordinary journey it’s been, and it’s not over. It is also for those who may not recognize all the blessings that have filled seemingly ordinary days. This guided journal is about capturing the love, laughter and tears - all the many facets surrounding the life and times of YOU!  


I wore many hats besides that of a writer when I created this journal. I was a career coach, a wife, a fur-mom, a real mom, just to name a few. But those titles did not completely define me. I’m also a person of love, peace, and gratitude. Still, I couldn’t escape a grim period when I felt lost and unaccomplished. Had my life served any real purpose? I took an afternoon off to read and reflect on some essays I had written earlier in the year. These were a tribute of sorts, to special memories of certain people in my life. I began to see God’s hand in the unfolding of those relationships, and how they were part of much bigger plans. What an awakening! Reflecting on the many blessings in my life lifted my spirits. It helped me realize that I had been looking inward instead of upward for strength. 


Each Blessing in this guided journal starts with positive affirmations to encourage you as you look forward to what lies ahead on your journey. It also includes a writing prompt, an outline of details, an inspiring quote, and a short section of Fun Facts or Flashback questions to capture even more memories. The tone, the texture and the spin are all yours. 

The bonus of this book is that you are also creating a legacy. Ancestry tracking can tell your family WHERE they came from. “Blessed to be Me” can reveal to loved ones WHO they came from! Enjoy the look back at your real-life adventures and leave a treasured memoir!  


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