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Jean and Zuggy - Behind the Scenes


Zuggy the Rescue Pug’s short story poems are about the everyday funny moments that a very special dog brings to my life. He captured my heart and brought humor and perspective during a challenging time. Often in “rescue circles” you hear the phrase: “Who saved who?!” I believe this is exactly what generates that sentiment. Dogs are special in that they have a way of brightening even the worst of days.


“Zuggy” is inspired by this kindred spirit. Most of the poems are based in some true story, with some slight embellishments, to capture his often stubborn and eternally playful personality. “Pugnacious” is a perfect descriptor of this loveable breed. 


Zuggy, by example, has  taught me resiliency, the healing power of love, and (probably most importantly), not to take myself too seriously! That’s what his stories are all about!

My husband and I are huge proponents of adoption. Pure breeds, mixed breeds, young, or (our preference) more vintage dogs, who are ready and in need of a fur-ever home. Our favorite breed is Rescued!

Fellow authors may understand why I've chosen to self-publish these books.  I've been told that poetry is passe, that there is no margin on picture books (though Zuggy's tales are designed for those who enjoy reading aloud, as poetry provides a unique way to tell a story), and - that the book market is flooded with dog stories.  Still, this is what the good Lord has given me, and it brings me such joy to bring them to you!  With that in mind, I've set my course:


MISSON: To be a champion for children’s poetry and for rescue dogs by authoring, promoting and selling Zuggy’s short story poems. 

(Revised) 2019 GOAL: To continue partnering with the Colorado Childrens Hospital to bring readings of Zuggy the Rescue Pug's stories.  I hope this initiative provides a fun distraction for the parents, along with hope and inspiration for the kids.  And entertainment for all!

And to partner with non-profit organizations to promote awareness and financial benefit at local events and fundraisers.

And beyond – Continue to work in public and become a recognized advocate for literacy and animal rescue.  To tour the nation, delivering Zuggy readings.  To compose, promote and release new books.  To be a spokesperson for who are unheard when they "speak".