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Zuggy the Pug - Six Tales



This delightful collection of short story poems features SIX classic (and fully illustrated) adventures starring that often mischievous and always adorable, Zuggy the Pug.  

Perfect for kids of all ages, Pug fans, dog lovers, and those who enjoy rhyming poetry.  

It's reading made fun for the whole family!

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Zuggy the Pug - Thanksgiving



This easy-reader rhymer (colored by YOU!) tells the story of Zuggy's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  But this year he learns they won't be going to Grandma's house - which is his favorite part of the weekend!  He fears their traditional dinner will be a complete disaster.   And when Mom fumbles the turkey, it's (literally) up in the air!  

Can Zuggy save the day? 

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Zuggy the Pug - Christmas


Zuggy is eagerly awaiting the count-down to Christmas.  Out of the blue, a family crisis strikes when Mom loses her job.  Funds are running low and when Zuggy hears there won't be presents under the tree he begins to work his own Christmas magic!

A heart-warming poem in a Color-by-YOU book.

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Zuggy the Pug - Halloween


Zuggy the Pug loves treats.  Now he's ready for some tricks!  When the kids take him shopping for Halloween, he's in for a day of costume changes, and Zuggy knows how to work a runway!  You'll laugh along as he models the many outfits in which the kids dress him up.  

But which one will he take home?!

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