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Self-Publish Your Dog Book

Complimentary Coaching Call

 I learned from my dogs to take the unfamiliar path. To embrace it with an exciting sense of adventure. To go with courage. And to not delay. So why did I hesitate? Why did stepping into the world of self-publishing fill me with dread; not excitement? Would it work? Would I be judged for not going the traditional route?

I wanted to be “sure”. And then remembered that nothing is for “sure”. Sometimes you just have to go for it. 

And it wasn’t so bad! In fact, it’s been pretty great! It wasn’t a huge expense (though it can be, if you have the budget). I made a few mistakes along the way. (Okay, more than a few!) But ultimately, I landed at #3 on the top Google Searches for: Self-published Dog Authors in Colorado! THAT is CRAZY! I only realized this when someone asked for advice. And then, someone else asked. Complete strangers were seeking my guidance. And I’ve been delighted to provide it. 

Do you have a dog-story that is ready for the next step? 

Let’s discuss and identify your passion and purpose for that book. Then we will create a plan to align you to the best course of action to reach your goals. 

Coaching will – align you to your goals and define a path that is right for you. We’ll explore different options and set expectations so you will move forward with confidence. 

Coaching will NOT – help you write your book. This program is not a critique of your work. Instead, it focuses on the future of your book and how you can approach self-publishing, if that it the best route for you. 


  1. You can pay a vanity publisher to do this, but why pay $3,500+ and LOSE the rights to your book?  (They say you retain all rights, but they own the ISBN, and do not allow you to provide your own... go ahead and ask!)
  2. I will walk you through the process so you can publish your work at a fraction of their cost and avoid lengthy contracts.
  3. You will receive coaching that is not only INFORMational, but TRANSFORMational.

Ready to get started? 

Contact me at: 

I will send you a simple 7 question survey which will provide some talking points, and then we can connect to discuss. 

The initial coaching call  is complimentary, so what have you got to lose? 

(Answer: Nothing! - You have everything to gain!)

Talk to you soon!

Self-publishing and indie-publishing are great alternatives to the traditional route.

Self-publishing and indie-publishing are great alternatives to the traditional route.